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This weeks line up of deephouse gems has tracks from Deep Site, Lost My Dog, Jonny Bee remixed by Tony S on Savoir Faire Musique, an Evren Ulusoy remix on Lowflow Records,  Le  Vinyl remixed by The Messenger on Lens Media Side B,  Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley remixed by Nick Devon on 3am, UM Records, Blue Dye, Cromarti Records,  Matthieu Duchesne remixed by Dilby on Something Different, DeepWit Recordings, Aartekt & Zia remixed by Matt Prehn, Matt Prehn feat’ Dené Theron remixed by Evren Ulusoy and Jesus Pablo remixed by Robot Needs Oil on Headset Recordings.

1. Deephope – Not A Dream (Savvas Remix) – Deep Site Recordings
2. Dale Howard – Koppabird – Lost My Dog
3. Jonny Bee – Loveless (Tony S Remix) – Savoir Faire Musique
4. Fabien Kamb – Pearls (Evren Ulusoy Remix) – Lowflow Records
5. Le  Vinyl  – Ufff (The Messenger’s Whatever You Like Remix) – Lens Media Side B
6. Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley – Automatick (Nick Devon Robomatic Remix) – 3am Recordings
7. Vincent Deeper – This The Sound (Atmospheric Deeper Mix) – UM Records
8. Lash – Time (Dave Nash Remix) – Blue Dye
9. Evren Ulusoy – Sorry Being Sophisticated (Original Mix) – Cromarti Records
10. Matthieu Duchesne – Afternoon In The Garden (Dilby Remix) – Something Different Recordings
11. Prosis – How To Move feat’ Pablo Fierro (Original Mix) – DeepWit Recordings
12. Aartekt & Zia – Autumn Mist (Matt Prehn Remix) – UM Records
13. Matt Prehn feat’ Dené Theron – Taking It Back (Evren Ulusoy Remix) – Savoir Faire Musique
14. Jesus Pablo – See You In San Francisco (Robot Needs Oil Remix) – Headset Recordings